image001.jpgPedigree of the Kolkert-family.

This genealogy starts with Gerrit Kolkert van Hengforden who was born around 1590 at the estate "Erve en Goet KOLKERT", in old times called "den Trynenkolk", near Olst. He and his ancestors - amongst whom was Gheryt tot den Trynenkolk, mentioned in 1520 - were "leenman"(vassal) of this "leen"(fief) to the Bishop of Utrecht (the liege).

Today, the family consists out of three main branches, having their joint roots in the mid 1700's. Then, Gerrit's great-grandson, Gerrit Jansen Kolkert and Jenneken Martens Meuleman, who married in 1753, got twelve children of whom the seventh, Gerrit, and the twelfth, Jacob, became the branch-holders of today's generation (see pedigree ).

In the background "Erve Kolkert" is shown. This Rijksmonument is already mentioned in the archives of the Bishop of Utrecht in 1434 and was renovated in 1784. In 1773, before the renovation, the area around "the Kolkert" was topographically depicted by Captain Engineer Hottinger of the State Army in his famous and accurate set of Situation Plans.

The last Kolkert living here was the wife of Hendricus Gerritz Kolkert van Hengforden. When she died in 1763 the 42 hectares estate was sold to Wolter Pessink for 6100 old Dutch Guilders. A detailed view of the estate after renovation can be obtained from the minuutplan of the land register published in 1832.


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