Family History and Genealogy.

You can read about the genealogy and history of the KOLKERT-family in the book; "Wetenswaardigheden van een Overstichtse familie; het geslacht Kolkert". Author and publisher: W.J. Kolkert, 1998, 1st edition, 1999 2nd edition, Delft, the Netherlands.

This book can be purchased for US$ 42.= by e-mailing W.J. Kolkert .

It can be studied at eg the "Koninklijke Bibliotheek", the Hague, and at the "Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie", also in the Hague. See their websites; Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie and Koninklijke Bibliotheek. See Family Search , Meertens Instituut (see Nederlandse Familienamen Databank for the meaning of the last name Kolkert) and Overijsselse Bibliotheek Dienst (see Overijsselse Catalogus) for more details concerning my publications, the history of the Kolkert-family and pedigree data. In Repertorium op de Overstichtse en Overijsselse leenprotocollen you can read more about the estate the Kolkert-family once had as "leenman"(i.e. vassal) of the Bisschop of Utrecht (their liege) and about the local social and economical situation in the Middle Ages. Other sites with information about the Kolkert-family are Cyndi's List and Genealogy Pages . From the Cultuurhistorische Atlas Overijssel you can learn more about the history and environment of estate " Erve en Goet Kolkert (State monument 32441) " by clicking Olst under “plaats” and subsequently Molenweg 4 under “monument op straat” in the search box.

Other publications are:

-W.J. Kolkert, "Een Overstichtse familie; het geslacht Kolkert", IJsselacademie, jaargang 22, nr 2, 1999, p 50-61. It can also be ordered by e-mailing.

-E.A. van Beresteyn, "Genealogisch Repertorium", Supplement 1995-1999, Den Haag, Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, 2001, p 241.

-"Nederland's Wapenboek", deel II, expected publication by Koninklijk Nederlandsch Genootschap voor Geslacht- en Wapenkunde: 2013.

Background: In the background the estate "Erve en Goet Kolkert" from the land register of 1832 (see minuutplan for overview) is depicted. The "Kolkers" is the allodium the Kolkert-family possibly already possessed in pre-Charles the Great times.

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