Curriculum Vitae (summary) Dr.W.J. Kolkert, born 1948.


1971 State University Utrecht: Doctoral Degree in Natural Sciences. Specialization: Physical Chemistry, Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics.

1974 State University Utrecht: Doctor of Science Degree in Natural Sciences.

Military Service:

1975-1993 Reserve Officer Royal Netherlands Army. Decorations: Officer's Service Cross XV, Cold War Medal.


1971-1975 Assistent/Associate professor at the State University of Utrecht, Faculty of Natural Sciences, General Chemistry Department. Work in Crystal Growth of Homogeneous Mixed Crystals.

1976-1977 State University of Utrecht. Work in low temperature physics.

1977-1979 TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, Rijswijk. Scientist.Work in detonation and shock physics.

1979-1983 TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, Rijswijk. Head, Section Terminal Ballistics.

1983-1984 US Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command. Netherlands Special Projects Officer involved in US Army-DARPA's Electromagnetic Launch Research and Weapon Technology Program. Dover, NJ, USA.

1984-1985 TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, Rijswijk. Head, Section Interior Ballistics. Institute's Project manager Armament R&D.

1986-1997 TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, Rijswijk. Establishing the Pulse Physics Laboratory at Delft and Manager, Research Group Pulse Physics.

1993-1997 TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory. Deputy Division Director Weapons and Weapon Systems.

1987-1997 Netherlands Defence Research Coordination Committee: National Programme Director EML Technology. Manager, Pulse Physics Laboratory, TNO PML, Delft.

1997-1999 Adjoint to Director TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory. International cooperation Armament Research.

1999-2000 TNO Institute of Applied Physics. Manager Business Development Acoustics Division.

2000-2002 TNO Patent Information Office. Deputy Manager.

2002- Consultant R&D management.

Functions in Society.

Chairman of the Christian Democratic Appèl Delft (CDA Delft)

Member of Javanese Gamelan Orchestra Marsudi Raras

Chairman of the Board of "Sociëteit Standvastigheid", established in 1781 at Delft

Cooperation with industry

Projects with oa. Electrotechnical industry (Holec), Dredging industry (Bos Kalis), Shell, Eurometal, Rheinmetall, RDM-Technology, de Schelde, Adtranz, FMV, Westinghouse, General Research Corp., Hughes, United Defence, Signaal, S-cubed and SRI-Int.

Establishing new initiatives

Founder TNO Pulse Physics Laboratory

Initiator Knowledge Center for Electromagnetic Power Conversion TNO-Technical University Delft.

Co-founder Netherlands Association for Electromagnetic Power Technology (FME-CMW Branche Vereniging EMVT).

Founder European Electromagnetic Launch Society (EEMLS)

Management development

Several courses, including TNO’s two years Senior Management Development Programme with a.o. courses at the Center for Creative Leadership(CCL, USA) and the INSEAD Business School, France.



International cooperation


1.1 DRG, AC/243 - Panel I, LTSS 43: " On all electric vehicle-mobile electric weapon platform".

1.2 DRG, AC/243 - Panel I, LTSS 47: "On electrical pulsed power systems".

2. WEU

2.1 EUCLID/CEPA 16: "On Electrical Power Technology", Projects on system integration, switching and energy storage.

3. Bi- and Multilateral cooperation in defence research

3.1 MoA between TNO and US/DoD/BMDO concerning cooperation on EML Technology; 1987-1997. Dr. W.J. Kolkert: National Programme Director for EML Technology


- armature/rail gun research

- semiconductor opening switch (MA’s) research

- fast discharge, high power battery

- metrology

- pulse forming networks for MA-pulses of milliseconds duration.                                       

3.2 MoU between MoD’s of the Netherlands, France and Germany concerning Electric energy gun technology, since 1995.

Dr. W.J. Kolkert: member Steering Committee.


- armature research

- 3D computer modelling/simulation of electromagnetic, electrothermal, electromechanical aspects of EM-accelerators

- solid state switching at mega-ampère level

- superconducting magnetic energy storage research

- fast discharge, high current lead-acid bipolar battery research

- measuring methodology of transient L, R, and I parameters

- dynamic measurement of rail accelerator response during launch.

3.3 MoA between US Army and RNL-Army concerning development of a large calibre armature for

hypervelocity launch of long rod anti-tank munition with rail guns; since 1995.

Programme manager: Dr. W.J. Kolkert.

3.4 DEA between US DoD-DARPA and NL DoD concerning electromagnetic launcher technology:

since 1986.

Exchange on: Pulsed power technology, all electric combat vehicle, electric energy guns and

hypervelocity munition. NL-Project officer: Dr. W.J. Kolkert.


4.1 European EML Society (EEMLS): since 1988. Society founder and first President: Dr. W.J. Kolkert

Members: universities, industries, institutes and representatives of MoD’s from NL, Ge, Fr, UK,

Sweden, Switzerland.

Goal: discuss the results of technology development in electric energy guns, pulsed power supplies,

weapon system analysis and integration, hypervelocitiy projectiles and (re)direct the national programmes

4.2 Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) UK.

Cooperation in EM-launch research of hypervelocity armatures; since 1987.

4.3 Soreq Nuclear Research Center, Israel.

Cooperation on inductive energy storage.

project: development of semiconductor opening switch technology;

4.4 Institut Saint Louis (ISL), German-French Research Institute.

Cooperation on rail accelerator and armature research

4.5 Center for Electromechanics, Univ. of Austin, Texas.

2/3 D-computer modelling of aspects of pulse forming networks and electromagnetic accelerators.

4.6 Permanent Committee on International EML Symposia.

Conduct the organisation of international EML conferences in cooperation with the Magnetics Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

4.7 Establishment of cooperation with Polish Marine R&D Centre and US-Army ERDC



1971- present       Member KNCV and NNV

1980- 1987          Member and Secretary (‘86-’87) US Aero Ballistic Range Association

1988- present       Member Hypervelocity Impact Society (HVIS)

1988- 2002          Chairman Organizing Committee European Symposia on Electromagnetic Launch (EML) Technology

1988- 1992          Founder and president of the European Electromagnetic Launch Society (EEMLS)

1992- present       Honorary president of the European Electromagnetic Launch Society

1986- 1997          Project Officer MWDEA-A-86-TN-1 "Electromagnetic Launcher Technology (US-DoD/DARPA)

1986- present       Member USA Electromagnetic Launcher Association

1987- 1997          Member of the US-Netherlands Steering Committee EML Technology

1985- 2002          Member American Defense Preparedness Association

1993- 2008          Co-founder/Treasurer National Association for EMVT (ElectroMagnetic Power Technoloy).

1994- 1999          Member Organizing Committee International Conferences on All Electric Combat Vehicle

1995- 1998          Member Organizing Committee International Conferences on All Electric Ship

1996- 1998          Member Jury FOM and STW funded projects

1977- 1997          Member and chairman of several NATO-DRG/Panel I RSG’s, (e.g. Warheads for defence against air/space threats, Ad-hoc Group on Electric energy guns for air defence, anti armour and artillery), of several NATO LTSS/MNE’s (e.g.on Armour-Anti Armour, Pulsed Power   Systems), Contributor to DRG-Seminar on defence against helicopters.

1977- 1996          Participation in several AGARD studies (On Interior Ballistics of guns, Gun Technology of the 21th century)

1977- 1997          Member of NIAG and NNAG study teams on Anti Surface Ship Missiles, On a future Main Battle Tank

1994                     Participation in and contributions to 2nd European Workshop on Science in 100T(European Physics Research Organization)

1988, 1997           Chairman 1st and 6th European Symposium on EML Technology, Delft and the Hague, NL

1994                    Chairman 5th Topical Meeting Eur. EML Society, Delft, NL.

1988- 1997          Secretary Advisory Committee on Pulse Physics Research

1997- present       Member US-Permanent Committee on International EML Symposia

2000                     Co-chairman 10th International Symposium on EML Technology, San Francisco.

1977-1998            Lecturer at NL Royal Military Academy, NL Royal Naval College, Belgium Royal Military School


Some Publications and Patents      

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Heden en toekomst".
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